About Us

Hello Lovelies!
You came here because you wanted to find out more about us, right? Well you came to the right place!
Why did Ella Fayth start?
Gabriella, the founder of Ella Fayth has always had an obsession for phone cases. Cute cases, protective cases, clear cases - you name it, she had it!
Some may think 'Well why do you need so many cases? I've had the same case on my phone since the day I got it!". Being obsessed with phone cases meant having between 15 and 20 cases for ONE phone! Yes, you read that right.
Taking this passion and obsession for phone cases and turning it into a loving business is how Ella Fayth started.
When did Ella Fayth start?
Ella Fayth started with the idea in April 2019, continuing with research through to July 2019 and finally launching in August 2019!
We hope you become just as obsessed as we are with our STYLISH and COOL phone cases!
Ella Fayth Team x